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Our objectives are to prevent, investigate and institute legal proceedings against economic crime. In an extended view this also includes to monitor and analyze criminal trends and act as a referral body regarding legal development.

We play a vital role in combatting organized crime and in preventing the effects of criminality as a threat to the mechanisms of fair competition in a free market as well as on the stock market.

We are also responsible for coordination and other measures against economic crime, including the development of methods to combat economic crime more effectively. The Authority has also been instructed to provide information on economic crime to other authorities, municipalities, industry, organisations and the general public.

SECA has also founded two councils of significant importance, the Economic Crime Council and the Forensic Council. The purpose of the Economic Crime Council is to be responsible for coordinating authorities at a central level. The council has regular contact with bankruptcy administrators and trade and industry, for example banks and other industry organizations, including the Auditors´ organization.

The forensic Councils work is strategic and advisory and focuses on analysis of development within trade and industry, identification of new risk areas and gives advices on specific competence in complicated investigations.

Published 2010-08-13. Updated 2019-08-06

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