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Crime Prevention

An important part of the Swedish Economic Crime Authority’s mission is to prevent crime. One goal is to get information out to as many people as possible. The overall goal is to reduce the risk of crimes being committed.

Long-term Efforts

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority’s standpoint in crime prevention is that we:

  • Work to increase the possibilities of discovering crimes.
  • Indicate risk areas for economic crime.
  • Disseminate information on economic crime in order to influence attitudes in private individuals and businesses.
  • Develop and support local crime prevention.
  • Contribute to making the penal system effective and impactful.


Successful crime prevention requires that we collaborate with the business sector and working life. Through collaboration, we can take in new knowledge and disseminate crime prevention information in several channels. We also reach more people than what would otherwise have been possible.

Together with the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, we provide support for local crime prevention councils. We have begun a long-term crime prevention initiative directed primarily at young people who are at risk of falling into black-market labour and organised crime.

Information Material

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority regularly develops information material on crime prevention directed at various target groups. The information material is available for reading and downloading here on the website.

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Heads of the Authority’s central and local crime prevention work

Published 2016-10-17. Updated 2019-08-06

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Information leaflets

InformationsfolderThe Swedish Economic Crime Authority has produced a number of information leaflets, some of which have been translated to English. Here you can download the leaflets in pdf format.

Information leaflets