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Here at the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, we investigate crimes committed in connection with bankruptcy, market manipulation and fraud, which concern the financial interests of the EU.

We also work on other objectives that require special knowledge of financial conditions, business conditions, tax law and similar subjects.

In later years, economic crime has taken on new dimensions. In order to succeed in fighting this type of crime, we need special resources, expertise and knowledge. We also need organisations and government agencies to collaborate more as well as increased international collaboration.

We also work with other types of crime

There are other types of crime that may be economic crime but which do not fall within our main area of responsibility. For example:

  • Disloyalty to principal
  • Money receiving
  • Bribery

We can also take on this type of case when requested by the Public Prosecution Office. This will mainly happen in:

  • Cases of qualified economic crime
  • Cases of a national scope
  • Cases with an international connection
  • Major cases

Published 2011-06-28. Updated 2016-10-17

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