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It is possible to appeal the prosecutor’s decision, for example to close a preliminary investigation or not to bring charges.

The aim is to ensure the quality of the prosecution activities and safeguard the legal rights of the individual.


How to appeal the prosecutor’s decision:

  • Send your appeal to the prosecution office where the decision was made.
  • The prosecutor who made the decision must assess whether the appeal contains new circumstances relating to the case. If it does, the prosecutor shall decide whether to change their earlier decision.
  • If the prosecutor finds no grounds to change their decision, the appeal shall be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office to be reviewed by a Director of Public Prosecution or a Deputy Director of Public Prosecution.
  • Should they find grounds to change the decision, the matter will be sent back to the original prosecutor’s office for continued processing.

The decision of the Director of Public Prosecution or Deputy Director of Public Prosecution can be appealed in turn. The decision will then be reviewed by the Prosecutor-General.

Contents of the appeal

The appeal shall contain information about the case in question, such as case number and which decision the requested change refers to. You must also state your reasons for wanting to change the decision. Attach copies of any documents relevant to the review.

Application form to appeal a prosecutor’s decision (in Swedish)

Published 2016-10-17. Updated 2016-10-17

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