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The role of the prosecutor

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority is a prosecutorial unit. According to Swedish rules of procedure it is the prosecutor who has the responsibility to head the investigation.

In this capacity, the prosecutor instructs the police, decides on coercive measures, decides on if an indictment is to be made and represents the state in the court proceedings.

It is desirable and most effective if the same prosecutor that heads the investigation also brings it through the court proceedings, which includes both the District Court as well as the High Court. In the few cases that are brought to the Supreme Court the SECA prosecutor normally assists the Prosecutor General.

The court, of course, has a vital role in some investigative measures such as decisions of detention and secret coercive measures, but it is the prosecutor who is the leading actor in generating the investigation. Hence it is appropriate that SECA per definition is a prosecutorial- and not police unit.

Published 2014-05-28. Updated 2014-05-28

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