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Due to the extensive search of premises conducted yesterday by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (SECA)

SECA, with the support of the police, yesterday conducted an extensive search of premises in the Stockholm area. The case concerns alleged accounting fraud committed in the informal job sector by six companies, as well as money laundering. One of the companies under investigation is also accused of tax evasion. The raid was conducted to gather evidence.

Four suspects were arrested in yesterday’s raid. The decision to request that the suspects should be remanded in custody or not is taken by the prosecutor no later than noon Friday. SECA is only investigating suspicions concerning accounting fraud and tax evasion. SECA will not answer questions regarding individuals or companies, and will not respond to speculation.

To protect individuals as well as the investigation itself, secrecy will be maintained in this case, as in all investigations.

SECA’s mandate is to investigate and prosecute economic crimes, such as accounting fraud and tax evasion. Collaboration with other agencies is also part of its mandate. The purpose of the preliminary investigation is to investigate and ultimately to decide whether to initiate legal proceedings.

Published 2015-02-18. Updated 2015-03-02

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