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Annual report 2016

Annual report 2017

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority shows a positive trend throughout the year and an intensified focus towards organised crime.

Annual report 2017

Reporting suspected economic crime

Exclamation markDo you have information that could be of use for the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, and want to tip us off? Or do you want to report suspected economic crime?

Tipping us off

Reporting suspected economic crime

Focus on priority areas

Through continued surveillance of the outside world, combined with criminal intelligence operations, the Authority is acquiring a stable basis for strategic focus decisions and priorities.

Our priority areas

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The Swedish Economic Crime Authority presents a status report on economic crime in Sweden

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority monitors and analyses the development of economic crime. Every other year, a status report is presented on the economic crime situation. This year’s report is being released in conjunction with a seminar in Almedalen.

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Saab's former management prosecuted for serious economic offense

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority has today brought charges against three previous board members and two former senior executives at Saab Automobile AB.

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Due to the extensive search of premises conducted yesterday by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority (SECA)

SECA, with the support of the police, yesterday conducted an extensive search of premises in the Stockholm area. The case concerns alleged accounting fraud committed in the informal job sector by six companies, as well as money laundering. One of the companies under investigation is also accused of tax evasion. The raid was conducted to gather evidence.

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