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The Swedish Economic Crime Authority is a specialised authority within the public prosecution service. We fight economic crime in Sweden and we also have a coordinating responsibility for the activities of other agencies in this field.

We are also a centre of knowledge on the subject of economic crime. This means that we will share our knowledge and experience as best we can.

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority is working to reduce the rate of economic crime and to make people safer. We contribute to a democratic welfare state by creating conditions for healthy competition on equal terms, securing assets and recovering proceeds of crime.

Economic crime is an umbrella term covering many different types of crime. The two most common forms of economic crime are tax evasion and false accounting. Other types of economic crime that we fight are different forms of tax crime, embezzlement, insider trading, market abuse and disloyalty to principal.

Our activities involve the entire chain from intelligence gathering, investigation and prosecution to the court process. We also work with crime prevention in order to reduce the risk of economic crime. We do this by collaborating with other agencies, trade organisations and industries as well as the financial sector.

Published 2010-06-29. Updated 2016-10-17

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