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Priority Areas

Gross and Organised Crime (GOB) and Gross Economic Crime (GEB)

Organised crime is criminal groups committing crimes for their own financial gain. Gang crime is costly to society. The specialist expertise of the Swedish Economic Crime Authority is used to take action against organised crime that involves serious economic crime, regardless of what our organisation looks like and where we are located. We appoint special groups that work to fight gross and organised crime.

Market Abuse

Insider trading and market manipulation are different types of market abuse. Insider trading means, for example, that insider information is used to influence the value of a share. Market manipulation means that someone trading in securities is acting in such a way that it influences the price of the security. This entails a risk of other buyers and sellers being misled. One example is when someone trades shares with themselves in order to raise their exchange rate.

The Swedish Economic Crime Authority strengthens the capacity to handle growing crime rates in the financial markets. We continue to prioritise our work with financial experts and with specialist prosecutors and investigators for the analysis, investigation and prosecution of suspected market abuse.

Recovering Proceeds of Crime

Proceeds of crime means money or property that someone has obtained by committing a crime or which comes from criminal activity. The Swedish Economic Crime Authority’s Recovery Unit and the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Swedish Police together constitute the Swedish Asset Recovery Office (ARO). This office works strategically and operationally to recover proceeds of crime. The recovery office continues to develop and strengthen the collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to create a cohesive recovery strategy.

International Collaboration

The trend is an increasing number of international cases. We are therefore carrying out initiatives to increase the strategic and operational units’ focus and competence in terms of international collaboration.

Published 2010-06-29. Updated 2016-10-17

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